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Steve's Equipment

Alone Together Steve's Equipment on "Alone Together"

Selmer Mark VI low Bb baritone sax

ESM baritone sax mouthpiece - Michelstadt, Germany

Rico Royal No. 5 reeds

Rovner Mass Loaded ligature and the Van Gogh bari ligature

Pads coated with "Boost-Juice" from Rovner Products

Reed Geek Products!

The Sax Holder

"Sax Savers" (sax clamps) by Ken Beason

Get it at CD Baby.




ESMErnst Schreiber - Michelstadt

"I would like to thank ESM Mouthpieces for supplying me with my mouthpiece of choice for baritone sax. I am currently using my ESM baritone mouthpiece and I used it for my latest CD "Alone Together." This great sounding mouthpiece can be heard on CD Baby. I am also playing the ESM MCK1 clarinet mouthpiece, which has an awesome response coupled with superb intonation and a ring in the sound."

Visit ESM Mouthpieces: ESM Mouthpieces



AD MACSAX Saxophones

"My new MACSAX, MAC8 rose finish Tenor is the finest blowing horn I have ever played. The response and the SOUND of this horn are unequaled. The MACSAX, EMPYREAL Alto is equally incredible. If you want to be noticed, MACSAX is the horn for you! Congratulations to Mike Crouch and his crew in developing these unprecedented saxophones. These horns are unequaled in craftsmanship, design and sound."

Visit MACSAX: MACSAX Saxophones

SAXZ Mouthpieces

"The SAXZ alto, tenor and soprano mouthpieces are out of this world. They give me the response, intonation and drive that I need for all facets of jazz and rock stylings."

Steve plays SAXZ Empire and Silver tenor mouthpieces on his great new CD "Quietly There," a tribute to Johnny Mandel, available on CD Baby.

Visit SAXZ: SAXZ Mouthpieces




RovnerRovner Ligatures

"The Versa X ligature by Rovner is the greatest enhancement ligature to give you the personal sound you crave. Bravo, Phil Rovner!"

Visit Rovner: Rovner Products


RicoRico Reeds

"Rico reeds are numero uno with me. They keep going when the player's demands are critical. Regardless of the playing situation, whether it be a live club, the concert stage or a recording studio, they give me the response I demand for my best work."

Visit Rico: Rico Reeds